• This gorgeous creature @allurapoledancer in our Obsidian Bra and Azalea Shorts 👊🏽 #adjustyourcheekiness 🙊
  • @sammyc_poledancer training those brutal muscle ups in our Atlantis bra and Kimono shorts 👊🏽 what's your January 18 goal?! #tatianaactive
  • Girl crush!! @allurapoledancer repping TA in Manchester at the moment. She's currently teaching at @gffdamiandancestudio so if you're around, definitely check out her videos and go to her amazing classes! ❤️👊🏽 #tatianaactive
  • Appreciation for creative photography 😻 
Credit: @marinachoyy
  • The ever so graceful @louisewawrzynska in our Muse Ink shorts 😻 #tatianaactive
  • Anyone else feeling like this on a Monday? 😩
  • Most comfortable shorts ever! Did you know each pair has a unique orchid print?? 😍 #tatianaactive 
Butt Model: @allurapoledancer 😝
  • Flow inspo by the amazing @elizahubber 😍 #tatianaactive
  • Last tease of the bodysuit 😝 we really are so excited to show you when it's ready because it's important to us that the fit is perfect, the quality is top notch and that you will #slay in this! 👊🏽 #tatianaactive
  • An amazing photo by @balletforadults 😍 Inspiration for your next shoot!