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  • Location is always everything featuring @cynthia_xu_poledancer in our Atlantis Sports Bra & Kimono Shorts #tatianactive #allwhite
  • Let @cynthia_xu_poledancer inspire your freestyle 👊🏽 #tatianactive
  • Did you know all our crops are actually fully functional sports bras? Designed with fabric that wicks away sweat and moisture and removable push up padding! #funfact #tatianactive
  • Will be sharing more exciting news someone special 😁😁 #tatianaactive
  • Like a doll in a music box 🎷 featuring @allurapoledancer in our Aurora shorts and Obsidian bra. Did you know our bras are actual sports bras? With complete coverage, fitted support and removable padding?! #tatianaactive (Short clip by @szanskifilm)
  • Have you signed up for our newsletters to enjoy special offers and exciting content?! We have just released a Valentine's Day offer. Just leave your email on our homepage or comments below for the offer 🙊
  • Why does @mischkapoledancer make this look so easy!! Training in our Muse shorts and Atlantis bra 😍 Don't forget to train handsprings with all grips! Have discovered there are about 10 different grips thus far.. 😳 #tatianactive
  • Can you guess who this babe is! Another exciting project coming along shortly yayy 😁 #tatianaactive #girlpower
  • Sometimes it's nice to just getaway from the hustle and bustle of a city like Sydney.. Photo taken in Tasmania by yours truly 😍 #seetasmania
  • Boomerang is the best haha! 😆 @cynthia_xu_poledancer wearing our white Atlantis bra and Kimono shorts 😍 #whiteonwhite #tatianaactive