• Was so excited to put together this video with our two amazing ambassadors @mischkapoledancer and @allurapoledancer 😍 
We selected a song for each of our dancers to show how differently people may interpret music and it was just amazing to see so turn your volume up! 👊🏽🔈💃 #teamTA #tatianaactive
  • Is it Friday yet 😢 
Creative wine placement by: @santeratequila
  • Homegirl @allurapoledancer repping #TeamTA in our Atlantis Bra and Kimono Shorts with the amazing @damiankutryb 😍😍🤗 #tatianaactive
  • How cute is @laurenbendthesame in our Obsidian bra nailing the pain of the batwing! 😍😍 #tatianaactive
  • Our ambassador @elizahubber rocking our Obsidian Bra 🤗😍 don't forget to check out the thick and supportive adjustable straps on this bad boy! #tatianaactive
  • Something so soothing about Rose Quartz 😍 by @templeofleaves
  • Some video shots of our booty shorts 😝 Made two layers of breathable fabric 😌 #tatianaactive
  • Outfit of the day 😋 #ootd #tatianaactive
  • Beautiful shapes by @elizahubber in our Muse Shorts and Atlantis Sports Bra 😍 Don't forget to follow Eliza if you haven't already! #girlcrush #tatianaactive
  • Repost of the ever so graceful @louisewawrzynska in our Obsidian Bra and Kimono Shorts 😍😍 #goals #tatianaactive