Philanthropy is extremely important to Tatiana Active. Through the art of giving back, our mantra Not just for show extends to our philanthropic partnerships and initiatives that work to support and give opportunities to those in need.

Our partnerships and organisations are selected based on causes and passions close to our heart and what they mean to us. As a small business, this is something we’re incredibly excited to initiate and are thankful to the support from our amazing customers to date that have meant we’re now in the fortunate position to do so. 

The purpose of this section is to outline our efforts so far and what we have planned within this space.



Let’s make a difference

$1 from every order will go towards a partner organisation for a quarter at a time.

We will be rotating between different charities that align with our values in the quarters going forward so we hope you can continue to support us on this journey.

Why we’re doing this

GIVIT is a critical player in disaster recovery and an essential resource for thousands of charities and community organisations.

Our environmental commitment remains a key pillar of our values and through the nature of their model, GIVIT reduces landfill by diverting tonnes of reusable items directly to those individuals and communities in need. We are so honored to partner with them to make a difference.

What we’re doing

We’re thrilled to have partnered with GIVIT for all sales across April, May and June 2022. 

GIVIT is a non-profit organisation that connects donors with community organisations to make sure people and communities get exactly what they need, when they need it – whether recovering from a disaster event, or experiencing hardship due to circumstances such as drought, domestic and family violence, homelessness, disability and mental health.

GIVIT captures all offers of goods, volunteering and services online, removing the burden on organisations to collect, sort, store and dispose of donations they don’t need.

GIVIT allows organisations to focus on delivering their core community service, reducing the significant administrative and financial cost of managing donations and offers of help.

What’s coming up

$1 from each order will go towards a partner organisation for a quarter at a time. Every quarter going forward we’ll be partnering with another charity that aligns with our values so we hope you can continue to support us on this journey. 

We’ll be announcing our next partner on 30 June 2022, for all sales from July, August and September 2022. Stay tuned for further announcements! 

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